hold 1中文什么意思

发音:   用"hold 1"造句
  • 把…勾搭上手
  • 把…联系在一起
  • 叉着
  • 底层舱
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  1. " the comb may hold 1 or 2 mils of liquid
  2. Edison ' s many inventions also included the incandescent light bulb and the phonograph ; he was credited with holding 1 , 093 patents
  3. Arsenal were surprisingly held 1 - 1 at home by birmingham city last week , but will expect to resume winning ways at craven cottage
    阿森纳上星期出人意料的在主场被伯明翰1 - 1逼平,但是仍期望在客场取胜。
  4. The trigger for this flurry of activity was a letter written on february 20th by tci , a hedge fund holding 1 % of the bank ' s shares , to abn amro
    引发这场疾风骤雨的导火索是tci (一家对冲基金,其持有荷银1 %的股份)写给荷银的一封信。
  5. To ensure that columns flag1 and flag2 only hold 1 or 0 no matter what value has been provided in insert statement , create the following insert trigger
    为了确保列flag1和flag2只保存1或0 (无论insert语句中提供的是何值) ,需要创建下列insert触发器:


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