holding of shares中文什么意思

发音:   用"holding of shares"造句
  • 持有股份
  • holding:    n. 1.把握;支持。 2.持有,享 ...
  • share:    n. 犁头;犁铧;(播种机等的)刃 ...
  • for shares:    认购权


  1. Dividend on the whole or on half of your registered holding of shares
  2. The two classes of shares can be made directly fungible , or indirectly fungible by trading depository certificates evidencing the holding of shares in the other market
  3. Secondly , it is pointed out the fact that causes the short of the patent is the disintegrity of patent property right , and the resolution should be to practice the harmonious management system in the innovation including the personification of service invention , the capitalizing of incentive and the holding of shares and futures
    研究了职务发明创新主体责、权、利的价值取向。在探析中国职务发明的专利数量少、质量低的基础上,指出其成因在于产权激励制度的残缺。转变现状、提升职务发明量的出路在于“融智” 。


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