hospitable service中文什么意思

发音:   用"hospitable service"造句
  • 热忱服务


  1. Service is rooted from ones heart . from living to food and beverages , business to recreation , we all provide considerate and hospitable services elaborately
  2. With the enterprise management spirit of one with great virtue can undertake a grand mission ; one with great acceptance can be called a real magnificent man . yudeok does his utmost effort to build up the best social prestige with modest rigorous hospitable service and sincere working attitude
  3. Leidisen winning hotel is constructed with an investment of 380 million by jinke group and managed by sino shopitality management co . , ltd . we have made strong - strong union to create an international business hotel flagship which has the most affinity among china hotel industry and provides asian style hospitable services . base on chinese brand , pursue for humanistic and commercial features
    雷迪森万锦大酒店由金科控股集团斥资3 . 8亿元兴建,携手雷迪森酒店管理公司,强强联合,联手打造中国酒店业中最具亲和力,提供亚洲式殷勤服务的国际商务型酒店航母。
  4. Located in the beautiful sha river side , with an area of 150 000 sq , m , wangjiang hotel is a hotel built according to 5 - star standard . unique west sichuan building style make you feel the design charm of wangjiang hotel . the brand new rooms in individual deccoration combine the elegant living environment , hospitable service and modern equipment very well . serve kindly , harmoniously and naturally for customers is our tenet
  5. The elegantly designed chinese restaurants on the 1st and 2nd floors are large enough to seat over 1200 people and they , with complete functions and a team of well - trained staff who are always ready to offer you sincere and hospitable service , are suitable for both large - and medium - scale banquets , wine parties and conferences


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