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  1. I made more than 100 calls and in the end only huang cheng - an , owner of the sweet potato vine climbing center , responded with an offer of nt $ 100 , 000 in support
  2. It is in wangfujing region , the most prosperous commercial center of beijing . to the south you can find chinese art museum , in the west there is huang cheng gen site park . the transportation is very convenient
  3. Multi - variable dmc algorithm has strong adaptability to coupling as well as to inertia and time delay , so it ' s applied into unit load control system and shows strong robustness . huang cheng - jing ( control theory and control engineering ) directed by associate prof . liu hong - jun
  4. The exploitation of intellectualized ultrasonic device of measuring rigidity major : mechanical manufacturing and automation postgraduate cai peng supervisor huang cheng - xiang abstract the ultrasonic technology has been wildly used in industry the ultrasonic technology is introduced to the measurement of mechanical paramoter in material to effectively resolve the problem of measurement of surface rigidity in material by adopting the technology of sensor , computer science and micro - electronic science


Huang Cheng (; born 1982) is a Chinese paralympic rower. He won the gold medal at the 14th Summer Paralympics at London.


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