image tube中文什么意思

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  • 图像管
  • 显像管
  • 显象管;摄象管;移象管
  • 移像管
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  • image:    n. 1.像,肖像,画像;偶像。 2 ...
  • tube:    n. 1.管,筒;颜料管。 2.管状 ...
  • biplanar image tube:    双平面显像管


  1. Cascade image tube
  2. Generation 1 image intensifier tubes work by using a photocathode to transform the gathered light into electrons , which then pass through the image tube and bombard a phosphor screen to produce the green illumination of an image
  3. In view of the problems existing in the research and producing of the iii image tube in our country , a study of the iii image intensifier have been carried on , the work introduced in this dissertation is as following : ( 1 ) the way to evaluate the properties of nea photocathodes has been proposed . that is using the spectral response and xps measurement results to determine the property parameters of nea photocathodes
    本文针对国内在三代管研制方面存在的问题,围绕“三代像增强器研究”作了以下工作: ( 1 )研究nea光电阴极的性能评估,提出通过光谱响应和变角xps测试确定阴极特性参量,从而有效地解决nea光电阴极的性能表征问题。


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