in a walk中文什么意思

发音:   用"in a walk"造句
  • 轻而易举地
  • walk:    vi. 1.走,步行;【篮球】带球走 ...
  • at a walk:    常步, 用普通步子; 慢步地
  • in walk:    走慢步


  1. Join us in a walk .
  2. Will you join me in a walk
  3. The peak is probably hong kong s " top " tourist destinations , in more ways than one - and you can take in a walk while you are there
  4. These three brethren told casual acquaintance that they were spending their whitsun holidays in a walking tour through the vale of blackmoor , their course being south - westerly from the town of shaston on the north - east
  5. Hareton earnshaw - that is miss cathy s other cousin , and so yours in a manner - will show you all the sweetest spots ; and you can bring a book in fine weather , and make a green hollow your study ; and , now and then , your uncle may join you in a walk : he does , frequently , walk out on the hills
    哈里顿恩萧就是,凯蒂小姐另一个表哥,也就是你的表哥,他会带你到一切最可爱的地点看看好天气时,你还可以带本书,把绿色的山谷当作你的书房,而且,有时候,你舅舅还可以和你一块散步,他是常常出来在山中散步的。 ”


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