in a wax中文什么意思

发音:   用"in a wax"造句
  • 发怒
  • wax:    vt. 〔美俚〕击败。
  • wax:    n. 1.(蜂)蜡;蜡状物。 2.耳 ...
  • parrafin wax slack wax:    石蜡疏松石蜡; 疏松石蜡


  1. Meady is in a wax .
  2. Aren ' t there supposed to be famous people in a wax museum
  3. Don ' t be fooled by some companies that lead you to believe that it is the uv protection in a wax that protects your car ' s finish from fading and failure , this is dishonest and simply not true
  4. By means of inspection analysis , the reasons of surface cracking forming were found out , which existed on the three towers in a wax catalysis unit , and the countermeasure of controlling surface cracking forming were proposed


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