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  1. 15 . will boom pay interest for my positive cash balance in margin account
    16 .在甚么情况下我会收到“追补按金”的通知?
  2. The growth in margin trading of fx has been a watershed idea that has taken hold within the past few years
  3. As a result of the increase in margin finance loans by investors , margin interest income increased to hk 8 . 5 million
    由于投资者利用?展借贷认购新股的金额增加, ?展利息收入亦增至850万港元。
  4. And worst of all , all this decline in margins has occurred with this massive build up in inventories , something i ' ve never seen before
  5. Although sales jumped almost 400 per cent as a result of the ibm acquisition , net income growth failed to match analysts ' expectations as the company reported a decline in margins
    虽然因收购ibm业务令销售额跳升近400 % ,但公司报告利润率下降,净利润增长未能达到分析师预期。


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