in return to中文什么意思

发音:   用"in return to"造句
  • 对……报答
  • return:    vi. 1.回转,回来,回去,返回, ...
  • in return:    回报;付给; 回答; 做为报答; 作 ...
  • in return for:    作为...的交换;作为...的报答; ...


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  1. Mr. bruff entreated me to lose no time in returning to england .
  2. Louise lost no time in returning to cincinnati
  3. Philadelphia - this hardly was the homecoming kobe bryant envisioned in returning to the city that launched him to the nba
  4. The exhibitions received a total of around 1 , 850 visitors , with 1 , 150 questionnaire surveys being collected from visitors interested in returning to taiwan to work
    本次揽才活动到场人数达1 , 850人左右,并计收到回台工作意向调查表1 , 150份。
  5. The trackers in return to pontianak are the sort of opinionated fools who do not bother even trying to connect with their environment which is exactly the point of that film . similarly the character of harry in
    同样地,新片《 perth 》内的harry亦是固执和爱逞强的人,不要说身边的事物,就是自己本身的问题,他也不了解。


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