in tail中文什么意思

发音:   用"in tail"造句
  • tail:    n. 1.【法律】限定继嗣;限定继承 ...
  • t tail:    t 型尾翼; t型尾翼
  • t-tail:    t型尾; t形机尾; t形尾翼
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  1. Bodily form optimum for bottom branch pipe in tail water surge chamber of goupitai hydropower station
  2. Six main factors which influence contaminants concentration in tail gas have been concluded and relevant solutions have been offered after on - site monitoring tail gas of automobile and analyzing some problems of tail gas treatment in jiangsu oilfield
  3. These rules consist of the total fit , the mathematics and fatigue physics , and the safety in tail predictions . an analysis of the test s - n data of 16mn steel weld joints reveals that the four models are reasonable if only considering the total fit as the conventional method did . but if by the present three rules , the appropriate models should be the normal or the extreme maximum value
    根据先前提出的有限数据下良好假设分布的确定方法,包括三个原则,即假设分布形状与误差数据真实分布形状的一致性、预测的总体拟合效果、与疲劳失效机制的一致性和尾部预测的安全性,通过对线性均值s - n曲线拟合16mn钢焊接头s - n数据误差的统计分析,说明应用一般推断方法, 4种分布都可合理地作为数据的统计模型,综合考虑三原则后,极大值和正态分布是可能的良好假设分布。
  4. The level of cell apoptosis in pulmonary tissues of 7d tail - suspended rats during simulated weightlessness increased significantly ( p < 0 . 01 ) , but that of 21 d had not a prominent change ( p > 0 . 05 ) . conclusion 1 . simulated weightlessness in tail - suspended rats has certain effects on lung function . fevo . 3 % , peak expiratory flow ( pef ) and maximal voluntary ventilation ( mvv ) tend to decrease , especially fevo . 3 % in 7d and mvv in 21d decrease significantly
    3 、大鼠肺组织普遍存在凋亡细胞, 7d尾悬吊模拟失重大鼠肺组织细胞凋亡水平明显高于对照组,且具有统计学意义( p 0 . 01 ,但21d尾悬吊军医进修学院硕士学位论文尾悬吊模拟失重对大鼠肺脏的影响模拟失重大鼠肺组织细胞凋亡水平与对照组相比无显著性差别o 0刀5卜结论1 、尾悬吊模拟失重对大鼠肺功能有一定影响。


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