incident ray中文什么意思

发音:   用"incident ray"造句
  • incident:    n. 1.(政治性)事故;事变。 2 ...
  • ray:    n. 【动物;动物学】(短鼻)鹞鱼 ...
  • ray, incident:    入射光
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  1. 0 deg . refl . - sets the reflectivity strength for surfaces directly facing the viewer ( or incident ray )
  2. The results show that the factors are the refractive index , thick ness , layer number of one - dimensional dual photonic crystal , polarization and incident angle of incident ray
  3. Taking no account of the non - uniformity of the detector , this paper analyzed the performance of the traditional four - quadrant angle - measurement algorithm and two other algorithms in calculating the pitch angle and the deflection angle of the incident ray , and also compared the error curve of the pitch angle calculated by each algorithm in the full plane
  4. That is : the optical fibers which are to be tested will wind the same circle according to different radius or will wind the different optical fiber ' s circles according to the same radius , making the direction of incident ray side vibration as parameter , we have done the specific experiments and theory analysis to winding waste of quartz system , both refrac tion optical fibers and elastic - optic effect of optical fiber


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