income of residents中文什么意思

发音:   用"income of residents"造句
  • 居民收入


  1. Research and counter measure with regard to income of residents distribution differences problem in our country
  2. The western theory of the consumption function believes that the main factors that influence the residential consumption demand are the income of residents and the forecast of future income and expense
  3. The author thinks that the factor of the proportion of the gross income of residents to gdp and the factor of the average residents consumption propensity are the main factors to affect the consumption ratio
  4. The real estate industry of china has been booming because of the policy of fostering the new economic growing point since 1998 . however , because the industry experienced a short time , the enterprises were to be successful and the consumers seemed to have heterogeneous tastes , there happened to be a lot of problems , such as the vacancy rate of the merchandised houses has been on high level , which is deeply beyond the international vacancy rate red standard ; the increase of the disposable income of residents has been left behind that of price of the real estate industry , their demands have been gradually decreased . on the other hand , the task which is to better the housing conditions of the median and low income households of china is still heavy
    1998年以来,以国家培育新的经济增长点为契机,我国的房地产业步入了一个行业发展的景气时期。然而,由于行业发展时间较短,一些房地产企业急于求成以及新的消费特点的不断涌现,房地产业出现了不少问题,如中国商品房空置率高达26 % ,远远高于国际空置率红线标准;居民的可支配收入增长远远低于房地产价格的上涨速度,他们的房地产需求正在逐渐下降。另一方面,我国改善中低收入家庭住宅条件的任务还十分艰巨,目前尚有1 . 5亿平方米的危旧房屋需要改造,成千上万个家庭人均建筑面积在8平方米以下。


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