发音:   用"incorporative"造句
  • adj.


  1. Currently , scholarships are available from three main sources : the asia university educational incorporative , the japanese government , and private organizations and foundations
  2. Complying with the national environment - protection industry policies , this dissertation applies the strategy management theories for modern enterprises , gives an overall swot analysis on the outer conditions inclusive of the social and cultural condition , the political and law condition , the economic and technical condition as well as the competitive condition and the inner conditions inclusive of the company " s background and its present situation , the incorporative structure and culture , the nuclear strength and resources confronting the company . based on this , it proposes the development strategy scheme for nte and further discusses its concerning application and control precautions . the study on the development strategy for nte enables it achieve the dynamic balance among the outer and inner conditions it faces and its managerial target even though it is in the sophisticated situations so as to ensure its ever lasting development
  3. With the incorporative strength , well credit and gorgeous service , our company promises formally that we can satisfy your requirements in the following fields : from the economic apponomic application to intelligent product ; from single product to the whole product - line ; from specific crafts to the whole set ones


  1. growing by taking over and incorporating adjacent territories; "the Russian Empire was a typical incorporative state"


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