indoor model中文什么意思

发音:   用"indoor model"造句
  • 定内飞行模型
  • indoor:    adj. (opp. outdoor ...
  • model:    n. 1.模型,雏型;原型;设计图; ...
  • indoor activities:    户内活动; 室内活动


  1. Looking like a miniature rooftop christmas - tree antenna , this indoor model is supposed to be a ghost buster
  2. Based on observing several engineering practices , an assumption is put forward that there are unloading arches in the soil between the piles . in order to research the effect of soil arch , the author designs an indoor model and analyzes the result of the exam
  3. Based on the engineering practices and indoor model exams , and according to the distortion character of the holding sheet , the paper obtains that it is the distortion character of the holding sheet induces the forming of the unloading arch . on the effect of the unloading arch , the soil pressure behind the sheets is transferred to the columns . the sheets only support the soil pressure inside the arch
  4. Based on the routine test of rockfill , built indoor model experiment of it under the process of vibration compaction , the flat panel vibration machine was used to vibrate and compact the layered rockfill , the level instrument was used to observe the settlement of rockfill after vibration compaction , dynamical soil manometer was used to observe the pressure variety in the rockfill layer


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