industry and environment中文什么意思

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  1. Are the strength demonstration of the high - class enterprise , first - class combination of industry and environment
  2. Yixing " haihua " will make great efforts to make our contribution to the coal preparation industries and environment protection industries in the world
  3. Dodge mechanical power drive products , including gear case , mounted bearing and power transmission parts , have been superior to the practical standard of the industry and environment
  4. The companys products mainly meet the demand from power transmission fields and widely be used in the multiple industry such as logistics , storage , steel , metallurgy , rubber and plastic , food , beverage , construction , print , packing , hoist , textile , chemical industry and environment protection
  5. Being just unfolding , industrialized movements represents the contemporary developing requirements and forwareing direction of the advanced productivity , examining the reality and future , the drawback of changsha " s development lies in industry , also the advantage in industry and wishes in industry the development of changsha " s industry has the advantage of culture , geography , good relations , technology , industry and environment , while it also has the disadvantage of low industrialized lever , poor foundation and insufficient accumulation


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