infiltrating water中文什么意思

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  • 入渗水


  1. The percentage of preferential flow flux over the total infiltrated water can reach 2 . 40 % ~ 48 . 72 %
  2. In addition , bare land covered with weed would delay runoff - yielding time , increase infiltrated water , and make soil water move deeper
  3. ( 7 ) during the process of water consumption , soil water almost lost from the whole profile . the great depth that resulted from evapotranspiration formed soon , but not gradually . infiltrated water was mostly consumed by evapotranspiration during ra
    ( 7 )在以土壤水分消耗为主的时期,土壤蒸发时水分的整体移动性能较强,最大蒸发蒸腾作用层深度很快形成,并不是一个“由浅而深”的渐进过程。
  4. ( 3 ) when evaporation was stopped during the process of soil water redistribution , soil water would move downslope by gravity . when evaporation was in process , due to low initial water content , most infiltrated water from small intensity and amount of rainfall would be consumed by intensive evapotranspiration during rainy season , and lateral downslope unsaturated flow seldom took place . however , soil water would move downslope by gravitational and matric potential gradients after continuous rainfall
    ( 3 )在防止蒸发条件下,再分布过程中,土壤水分在重力的作用下有沿坡向下运移的趋势;在蒸发条件下,由于初始含水量一般较低,雨季量小且分散的降雨极易为强烈的蒸发蒸腾所消耗,侧向沿坡向下流难以发生,但在持续的降雨条件下,土壤水分在重力势和基质势梯度的作用下易沿坡向下运移。
  5. The middle and lower parts of woodland and grassland had higher soil water contents during rainy season , which resulted from smaller evapotranspiration and more infiltrated water with a lower gradient . however , upslope runoff infiltration was another reason for hillslope with a lower cover ratio , such as bare land
    雨季林草地坡中下部土壤水分含量较高的原因,可能主要与其蒸散较小且坡度较缓导致入渗水量较多有关;但是对于植被覆盖度较低的坡地(如裸地) ,坡中下部土壤水分含量较高还与上方来水有较大的关系。


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