infiltration basin中文什么意思

发音:   用"infiltration basin"造句
  • 渗滤池
  • 渗水池
  • 渗透池
  • 渗透洼地
  • infiltration:    n. 1.渗入;【医学】浸润。 2. ...
  • basin:    n. 1.脸盆;水盆。 2.满盆,( ...
  • a basin of:    一脸盆; 一盆..


    An infiltration basin (also known as a recharge basin or in some areas, a sump), is a type of best management practice (BMP) that is used to manage stormwater runoff, prevent flooding and downstream erosion, and improve water quality in an adjacent river, stream, lake or bay. It is essentially a shallow artificial pond that is designed to infiltrate stormwater though permeable soils into the groundwater aquifer.


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