injection advance中文什么意思

发音:   用"injection advance"造句
  • 喷射提前
  • 喷油提前


  1. Advanced gas engine test - bed is tested repeatedly to collect and analyze the data parameter of the injection advance , pressure compare and outside characteristics of the supercharging and mid cooling diesel - engines
  2. The best compression ratio and fuel injection advance angle are calculated through mess optimization calculation program of language c . on the basis , optimization simulation of inlet and exhaust timing has been carried with the diesel engine working model to increase diesel engine ' s volumetric efficient
  3. A new calculation method for optimizing diesel engine performance , called nonlinear regression - mess method , is put forward . in this paper , 25 groups of simulated values are calculated from the diesel engine working model , specific fuel consumption , peak pressure , rate of pressure rise , nox and peak temperature are fitted into explicit function about compression ratio and fuel injection advance angle
    本文利用柴油机工作过程模型,得出25组模拟计算数据,利用非线性回归将油耗、最大爆发压力、压力升高率、 no _ x浓度及最高燃烧温度拟合成压缩比和喷油提前角的显函数,并用网格法进行优化,用c语言编制了优化计算程序,得出最佳的压缩比和喷油提前角,使其优化匹配。
  4. So it is proved that the working model is right , and on the basis , the influences of the compression ratio and fuel injection advance angle on the diesel engine ' s combustion performance are studied . ( 2 ) energy resource and environment protection are two important problems that diesel engine is faced with . so in this paper the constrained optimization is studied in order to decrease fuel consumption within the limitation of the regulation on exhaust emission and power output
    ( 2 )能源和环境保护是柴油机存在和发展的两大问题,因此本文在满足排放法规及柴油机动力性的基础上,以降低油耗为主要研究目标,进行有约束条件的优化计算,并提出了一种新的柴油机工作过程优化计算方法? ?非线性回归?网格法。
  5. The performance experiments of emulsified diesel oil are done on a 1135 diesel engine . by a lot of experiment data and charts , the factors that influence the combustion effect are analyzed , including the factors of emulsified fuel self such as emulsifiers , water content , emulsifying way , and the factors of diesel engine such as fuel injection advance angel , injection pressure , load , model of engine , and so on


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