instability area中文什么意思

发音:   用"instability area"造句
  • 不安定区
  • instability:    n. 动摇性,不稳定性;不坚决,反复 ...
  • area:    n. 1.面积;平地;地面。 2.空 ...
  • absolute instability:    绝对不稳定度; 绝对不稳定性


  1. The temperature of potential instability area was about 0 in the warm area and between - 10 and 0 in the cold area
    暖区位势不稳定区位于0高度上下,冷区位势不稳定区位于- 10 0高度之间。
  2. There were wind shear and maximum wind speed occurred above or below the height of potential instability area and one of them happened before potential instability
  3. The magnitude of these variables increased approximately ten times . it helped the rapid releasing of instability energy . the interaction of high - level and low - level mesoscale system leads to the rainstorm . the vertical cross section analysis of potential temperature tells us that rainstorm take place in the warm - moist and instability area . usually locate in the very stiff moist isentropes and it can lead to the development of vortex
    通过对相当位温的垂直剖面分析,可知两场暴雨的中低层都为暖湿不稳定区,暖湿不稳定区上部冷空气明显扩散,暴雨产生在暖湿对流不稳定区内,通常产生在_ e陡峭和密集区中, _ e陡峭和密集区有利于涡旋发展。


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