insufficient effective demand中文什么意思

发音:   用"insufficient effective demand"造句
  • 有效需求不足
  • insufficient:    adj. 不够的,不足的,不充分的; ...
  • effective:    adj. 1.有效(力)的,灵验的; ...
  • demand:    vt. 1.要求,请求;需要。 2. ...


  1. The development of high - tech industries is faced with some problems , such as relatively insufficient effective demand
  2. In addition the causes of deflation is analyzed . the superficial reason for the deflation is the insufficient effective demand ; the deep - seated reason for deflation is the economic system , economic policies and economic structure and etc . the sustainable deflation is not only caused by the self - enforcing system of deflation , but also by economic policies and economic structure
  3. In 1999 , facing the complex economic environment home and abroad , especially when the contradiction of insufficient effective demand became more prominent , the state adopted comprehensive counter measures in a timely manner to increase the implementation of active fiscal policy and try to give play to the role of monetary policy , utilize adjustment and control means such as tax , price and income distribution , effectively drive investment , increase consumption and expand export


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