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  1. The pe100 - i is designed for use with inverted microscope applications where petri dishes , multiwell sample trays and microscope slides are manipulated on the surface of the microscope table
  2. Section two the evaluation of biocompatibility of the acellular dermal matrix by the method of cell culture . the new born rat ' s epdermic cells were cultured with the acellular dermal matrix together as experiment group , while the epdermic cell were cultured simply as control . 24 hours later , under the invert microscope , the epidermic cells anchored well and transparent flat cells were observed in both groups . 7 days later , both cultured cells were taked out and fixed in 95 % ethanol , stained with hematoxylin and were observed under light microscope . many cleaved cells were observed in both groups . during cell culture , no pathogenic microganism was observed . so we considered the acellular dermal matrix was aseptic and had good biocompatibility . section three subdermal implantation of the acellular dermal matrix . 24 rats were used in the experiments . a piece of acellular dermal matrix ( 1 . 5 x 1 . 5cm2 ) was implanted beneath the dorsum skin flaps of each rat , 1 week , 2 weeks , 3 weeks and 4 weeks after implantation , 6 pieces of acellular dermal matrix were harvested and the size of implanted acellular dermal matrix were measured , the sections were used for he staining and observed under light microscope . the result were as folio wing : 1 - 2 weeks after implantation , the acellular dermal matrix began to adhere to the tissue around and turned red gradually ; 3 - 4weeks after implantation , the acellular dermal matrix adhered closely to the tissue around and could be recognized easily , 1 - 3 weeks after implantation , the size of implanted acellular dermal matrix had no statistical difference ( p > 0 . 05 ) . 4 weeks after implantation implanted acellular dermal matrix contracted ( p < 0 . 05 ) . under light microscope , l - 2weeks after implantation , the fibroblast cells infiltrated the acellular dermal matrix and a small amount endothelial cells of vessel and lympho - histiocytic cells infiltrated the acellular dermal matrix . 3 - 4 weeks after implantation , infiltrating blood vessels were evident . so we think that the acellular dermal matrix had low immunological reactions and could induce the infiltration of fibroblast macrophage cell and the endothelial cells of vessel
    结果如下:皮下包埋卜周者,无细胞真皮基质渐与周围组织粘附,颜色由苍白转红;皮下包埋3周者,无细胞真皮基质与周围组织紧密枯附,盾晰叶辩;术后卜周,包埋的基质面积变化较包埋前无统计学差异o川0引,术后4周包埋的无细胞真皮基质面积较包埋前缩小j刃刀5 ) 。光镜下术后卜周,宿主的淋巳组织细胞、成纤维细胞浸入生长,釉附在胶原纤维上,少量血管内皮细胞浸入基质;术后34周,无细胞真皮基质内较多的血管形成,故可认为无细胞真皮基质免疫原性低,能诱导宿主的成纤维细胞、巨噬细胞浸入生长,为一种新型的真皮替代物。第四部分无细胞真皮基质与自体断层皮片复合移棺的研究, sd大鼠10只,在其背部卜方造成全厚皮肤缺损的创面
  3. By using inverted microscope , it was observed that dunaliella salina of different growth stages after the high osmotic shocks can live in the medium with nacl concentration between 0 . 1m and 5 . 0m , but its growth status and period showed differently . the optimal concentration for the growth of dunaliella salina was 0 . 5 - 1 . 5m , and this organism could stand a variety range of osmotic shock . enolase gene , the anti - adversity gene of d . salina , was cloned by modified degenerate pcr technique
    通过倒置显微镜观察生长在不同盐浓度,不同生长时期,以及经不同渗透压震动的盐藻,四川大学博士学位论文发现其在o . im一5 . omnaci培养基中均能正常生长,但其生活状态及生长周期有所不同,其最适生长naci浓度为0 . 5一1 . 5m ,还能适应各种高渗及低渗震动。


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