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  • 含铁矿物
  • iron:    n. 1.铁。 2.铁器,铁制品;小 ...
  • bearing:    n. 1.忍耐,忍受。 2.态度,举 ...
  • mineral:    n. 1.矿物;〔口语〕矿石;【化学 ...


  1. Whereas the rocks in the ancient heavily cratered terrains were basaltic , the younger rocks of the northern lowlands resembled a more highly evolved type of lava called andesite : they contained more glass , more silica - rich minerals and fewer iron - bearing minerals
  2. Magma rose from the mantle forms new crust and slowly squeezes old one aside . since the earth s magnetic field alternates from north to south about every 10 , 000 years , the iron - bearing minerals in the crust magnetize and " memorize " the direction of the prevailing magnetic field , just like a magnetic tape recording the geological evidence of aeon
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