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  1. Naturalism education thought of jean jacques rousseau
  2. Interfluve of national power theory between the european initiatory thinkers : montesguieu and jeen - jacques rousseau
  3. While madame hecquet was printing her biography of memmie , jean - jacques rousseau published his seminal work , discourse on the origins of inequality
    在埃凯夫人出版她为梅米写的传记的同时,让-雅克?卢梭出版了产生重大影响的学术著作《论不平等的起源》 。
  4. The bad side of human thought will always be defined by the paradox of jean jacques rousseau , - you remember , - the mandarin who is killed five hundred leagues off by raising the tip of the finger
  5. As far as foreign teaching thoughts are concerned , the paper focuses on the fundamental viewpoints of experienced teaching contained in the teaching thoughts of ancient greek philosophers , j . a . comenius , jean jacques rousseau , john dewey , etc . as for domestic teaching thoughts , the paper lays emphasis on viewpoints of experienced teaching contained in the teaching thoughts of confucius , metaphysicians of wei dynasty and jin dynasty , wang shouren , cai yuanpei


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