jacques santini中文什么意思

发音:   用"jacques santini"造句
  • 基斯辛天尼
  • 积基斯・辛天尼
  • 雅克・桑蒂尼


  1. Former france coach jacques santini has confirmed that arsenal stars robert pires and thierry henry came to blows during a training session at euro 2004
  2. " the coach still trusted me last night , " said henry of france boss jacques santini . " and i tried to be equal to the situation by being of help to the team
    “教练(桑蒂尼)还是非常信任我,而我就要帮助球队获胜来回报教练的信任。 ”
  3. New tottenham boss and france ' s coach in portugal , jacques santini , had revealed that the pair were involved in a heated skirmish before their opening game against england
    现英超热刺队主教练、原法国国家队教练( ! !这关系。 。 。 )桑蒂尼曾透露,在欧洲杯法国队首战英格兰比赛前,亨利与皮雷发生争吵。
  4. Sven - goran eriksson felt it necessary to remind his team yesterday that at one time or another they have already faced 10 members of the france side and that jacques santini ' s players should not be regarded as untouchables
  5. There will not be a competitive match until the early autumn of 2008 but capello could fail , as alain perrin and jacques santini have at club level , if he does not develop his english sufficiently to forge a bond with his players and , indeed , the public
    在2008年秋季来临之前卡佩罗将不会面对任何重要比赛的考验,但他同样有可能栽在这段时间里,如果他不能有效地提高自己的英文水平而和他的球员? ?或许媒体更甚? ?进行良好沟通的话,看看阿兰?佩林和杰奎斯?桑蒂尼执教俱乐部球队时的遭遇你就明白了。


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