julia morley中文什么意思

发音:   用"julia morley"造句
  • 主席莫莉夫人
  • julia:    n. 朱莉亚〔女子名〕。
  • morley:    n. 莫利〔姓氏〕。
  • for julia:    茱莉亚之歌


  1. It has now raised incredible millions of pounds thanks to the theme " beauty with a purpose " that was created by julia morley 25 years ago
  2. The 2007 miss world competition has seen 106 beautiful and talented contestants spend an unfor - gettable month in china , but there could only be one winner and the applause rang out in the packed the - atre as julia morley , chairman of the miss world organisation and of the international panel of judges , announced the winner ' s name
    2007年“世界小姐”大赛持续了一个月, 106位才女佳丽在中国度过了令人难忘的一个月,然而,冠军只能有一个,当“世界小姐”机构、国际评委小组主席朱莉亚?莫莉宣布冠军得主时,济济一堂的戏院顿时爆发出雷鸣般的掌声。


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