lacustrine deposit中文什么意思

发音:   用"lacustrine deposit"造句
  • 湖泊沉积
  • 湖沉积
  • 湖成沉积
  • 湖积层
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  1. Hydrogeological feature as well as development and utilization of phreatic water in alluvial - lacustrine deposits of ding bian - jingbian plain , northern shanxi province
  2. For the high - class highways builded on the area of lacustrine deposits soft soil , because earth fill of subgrade is very high and construction period is very short , the controlling of subgrade stability and settlement are the two key techniques
  3. Studies of the petrology , textures and structures , depositional environment , contained fossils and age of the fluvial - lacustrine deposits indicate that they are the earliest record of the epiglacial area of the quaternary glacial period , representing the lower boundary of the quaternary glacial period
  4. Based on the treatment engineering of 26 kilometers lacustrine deposits soft soil foundation in han - sha sect of yi - huang freeway , the paper , through the means of centrifugal model test and field observation , establishes mathematical analysis model , completely and detailedly researches and analyses the stability of lacustrine deposits soft soil foundation and the rule of settlement , guides the large - scale construction of yi - huang freeway 26 kilometers soft foundation treatment , educes the settlement characteristic and the rule of lacustrine deposits soft soil subgrade , summarizes the scientific measure of effectively controlling the stability and settlement of such kind of foundation


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