layer built中文什么意思

发音:   用"layer built"造句
  • 分层铺筑的
  • layer:    n. 1.放置者,铺设者,计划者。 ...
  • built:    adj. 1.建造成的,组合的,拼成 ...
  • layer-built:    分层铺筑的


  1. Each layer builds on the underlying layer to help ensure reliable delivery
  2. The rcc framework provides a fairly light layer built on top of technologies and concepts that are available in an svg implementation
  3. The data link layer builds a frame around the network layer data so the necessary checks and controls can be applied
  4. Power supply and automatic control of mines , coal preparation plants and high - layer buildings , fire - fighting warning , high - layer building automation and wire laying
  5. The main works and conclusions in this paper are as follows : ( 1 ) by the irrefutable datum and evidences and with the viewpoint of fire - protection economic , the author illustrated that : a ) as a traditional main fire - protection means that combine the systems conclude hydrant system , automatic fire alarm system and building separating system for fire protection , it is not efficient , let alone economic , so it should be abolished in complicated multi - layer building and high building
    其主要工作和结论如下: ( 1 )通过确凿有力的证据和数据,运用消防经济学的观点说明了: a )在功能复杂的多层建筑和高层建筑中,传统的以消火栓灭火系统、建筑防火分区、火灾自动报警灭火系统联合灭火为主的灭火方式不高效,更不经济,应被取消。


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