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  1. Li xiu - qin , an outstanding sculptress
  2. The movenpic dining hall , green chopstick chinese dining hall , hao le jing italian dining hall , li xiu japanese dining hall , and mongolian dining hall cater to all tastes and preferences
  3. Taiping ' s sense of talent trudged along the confucian political orbit , which originated in yang xiu - qing ' s thought about standard of hero and became mature in li xiu - cheng ' s concept of ze - cai - er - yong and carried out on the zhao - xian - shi - tiao promulgated by thong liang - xiang
    从杨秀清关于“英雄”标准的思考,到李秀成“择才而用”的人才观,最后落实到锺良相的“招贤十条” ,太平天国的“人才观”在儒家化的轨道上艰难摸索。
  4. In the two breakthrough campaigns of jiangnan headquarters , the taiping troops in the south of anhui were actively cooperating with li xiu - chen , and implemented the tactics of going down south to the border of anhui and zhejiang , and the long range raid on hangzhou so as to pin down the qing troops in the south of anhui


Li Xiu (李秀), also known as Yang Niang and Li Shuxian, was the daughter of a military commander in charge of the Ningzhou area during the reign of Emperor Hui of Jin. When her father died suddenly during a rebellion in the area in the 4th century, she took his place as military commander and defeated the rebels.


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