lie in state中文什么意思

发音:   用"lie in state"造句
  • 埋葬前任人吊唁
  • 尸体停放(供人瞻仰遗容)


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  1. When the president died , thousands of people saw his body lying in state
  2. Former president gerald r . ford ' s body lies in state at the capital rotunda in washington
  3. Following his death in 1965 , churchill s body lay in state for 3 days at westminster hall before his state funeral
  4. What could have been the real thoughts of so sad and incongruous a personality , wondered the hundreds of worshipers who filed past the body as it lay in state
  5. The conclusions are reached that the root causes of state - owned commercial banks " malfunction are attributed to two levels : marco - factor mainly lies in state ownership of bank ' s property rights , micro - factor in management and technology


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