lie north of中文什么意思

发音:   用"lie north of"造句
  • 位于...的北面
  • lie:    n. 1.谎言,谎话。 2. 虚伪, ...
  • north:    n. 1.〔通常作 the nort ...
  • be a lie:    说个谎


  1. Lying north of the church is a girls ' senior high school
  2. " . quiet dusk at xingping xingping , a small city with a long history , lies north of yangshuo
  3. Although much of south america , parts of africa and all of australia lie south of the equator , most of the world ' s land lies north of the line
  4. Hong kong island lies just south of kowloon and the two are separated by victoria harbour . the new territories lie north of kowloon and run up to the boundary with mainland china
  5. With a total length of over 6 , 000 kilometers , it extends to the jiayu pass in gansu province in the west and to the mouth of the yalu river in liaoning province in the east . what lies north of beijing is but a small section of it


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