lin cheng中文什么意思

发音:   用"lin cheng"造句
者 程林
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  1. All the dishes are all created and made with the freshest and highest - grade ingredients by our master chefs , and therefore the menu is changed up to the seasonal ingredients . legend restaurant is under the leadership of our master chef , jiunn - lin cheng , that can be sure to enjoy world - class cuisine combined with our impeccable service . it certainly will give you a great dining experience that combines tastes with the magnificent atmosphere
  2. Censure of global flex holdings limited " the company " and together with its subsidiaries , " the group " and mr lin cheng hung , an executive director of the company " mr lin " ; mr hsu chung , an executive director of the company " mr hsu " ; mr huang lien tsung , an executive director of the company " mr huang "


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