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  • lincoln:    n. 1.林肯〔姓氏,男子名〕。 2 ...
  • road:    n. 1.路,道路;街〔略 Rd.〕 ...
  • the lincoln:    林肯一家
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  1. Road traffic ( traffic control ) regulations ( chapter 374 ) - - temporary restricted zone on lincoln road , kowloon city
    道路交通(交通管制)规例(第374章) - -九龙城林肯道临时限制区
  2. The nearby ocean drive is known worldwide for its see - and - be - seen cafes , bikini - clad in - line skaters and beaches packed with beautiful young sun seekers , while trendy lincoln road has emerged as a lively magnet for culture , entertainment and shopping


Lincoln Road is a pedestrian road running east-west between 16th Street and 17th Street in Miami Beach, Florida, United States. Once open to vehicular traffic, it now hosts a pedestrian row of shops, restaurants, galleries, and other businesses between Washington Avenue and Alton Road.


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