mandatory target中文什么意思

发音:   用"mandatory target"造句
  • mandatory:    adj. 命令的,训令的;委任的,委 ...
  • target:    n. 靶子,标的;目标;(嘲笑等的) ...
  • non-mandatory target:    非指令性指标
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  1. Vehicle fuel efficiency standards must be enhanced . aviation and maritime emissions must be reduced through mandatory targets
  2. Wen said that china intended to " act in a re o ible ma er " and work toward reducing emi io , even though it did not have to meet mandatory targets for reduction under the kyoto protocol to fight global warming
  3. Meeting these two mandatory targets in the eleventh five - year plan is very important . the targets cannot be revised , so we must work resolutely to reach them . the state council will make annual reports on the progress made in saving energy and reducing emissions to the npc starting this year , and at the end of the eleventh five - year plan period it will report on the overall progress made over the five years


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