match lost中文什么意思

发音:   用"match lost"造句
  • 负场


  1. The youngest team ever to top a swatch podium , xue chen ( 17 years old ) and zhang xi ( 21 ) snapped a seven - match losing streak to chinese rivals tian jia and wang jie to capture the 15th and final stop on the women ' s calendar that started in mid - may at modena , italy
    Swatch顶级赛事中最年轻的组合? ?薛晨( 17岁)和张希( 21岁)在和中国队友田佳王洁第七次较量中,赢得了从5月中旬意大利开始的这个赛季第15站也是最后1站的比赛。


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