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  • match:    n. 1.比赛,竞赛。 2.对手,敌 ...
  • law:    int. 〔英俚〕天哪! 嗳呀!
  • matching:    表芯板搭配; 对比; 对销;相配;对 ...


  1. The development of china ' s securities market in high speed needs the supply of matched laws and regulations . whereas , these laws and regulations also require the support of relevant theories
  2. In this paper , optimization of coupled coefficient for the leading wheelsets and trailing wheelsets of bogie is researched with genetic algorithms and the optimal matching law of coupled coefficient for leading and trailing wheelsets has been found when a vehicle negotiates all kinds of radii curve
    为了考察线路条件(特别是曲线半径r )的变化对轮对耦合度取值大小的影响,本文采用遗传算法对磁流变耦合轮对车辆通过不同半径曲线时转向架前后轮对耦合度的匹配关系进行了优化研究。
  3. However , in order for china to do securitization , we still need to solve the following problems : the lacking of enough matching laws and credit insurance and guarantee , for example , a necessary legal and regulatory framework that allows for the clear separation of assets into the spy , and clarifying the taxation issues related to asset transfers , which will determine whether the securitization vehicle is tax neutral or not
    Spv聘请信用评级机构对贷款组合的信用风险进行信用评级,以揭示证券的投资风险及信用水平,作为拟定发行证券的定价和证券结构设计的依据; ( 4 )发行贷款抵押证券; ( 5 )资产管理与回收资产收益。通过上述的运行机制,使需要资金的发起银行事先获取资金,以对新项目进行投资或发放新的贷款; ( 6 )还本付息。


    In operant conditioning, the matching law is a quantitative relationship that holds between the relative rates of response and the relative rates of reinforcement in concurrent schedules of reinforcement. The matching law simply states that there is a correlation between behavior and the environment.


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