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  • 数学感应
  • 数学归纳法


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  1. Inclusion and exclusion principle proved with mathematical induction
  2. And more , in this model of study process , clearly explain the education worth of the mathematical induction method [ 4 ]
    更由此研究过程,来表现观察归纳研究法模式,在数学教育上的价值4 。
  3. This article gives a description of cauchy inequality under the restricted condition of the variables ad proves it through mathematical induction , and at the same time presents some instructive results
  4. First of all , study the meaning of securities investment and class the risk . secondly , measure the risk of investment product from the probabilities & statistics angle , and makes conclusion by mathematical induction , provide theory support for evaluate risk of open - end fund investment portfolio
  5. In this thesis , mathematical induction of portfolio means - variance model and capm are introduced , and a brief introduction is given to the model of capm and apt under nonstandard situation meanwhile the practical meaning of each model is explained from the angle of economics


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