measurement theory of中文什么意思

发音:   用"measurement theory of"造句
  • measurement:    n. 1.测量,计量,量度。 2.份 ...
  • theory:    n. 1.理论,学理,原理。 2.学 ...
  • measurement theory:    计测理论; 计量理论,计量论
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  1. Part two : accounting measurement theory of financial instruments . it ' s the most important part in this paper
  2. This thesis introduces the hardware composition and measurement theory of general ccd data - acquisition system by referring to lots of documents and dissecting ccd data - acquisition systems used in the industry field
  3. Measurement theory of coaxial line phase water cut meter and flowing feature of water oil two - phase flow have been studied in this paper . and it has been found that the response of coaxial line phase water cut meter is not only related to water cut , but also related to temperature , salinity of formation water and flowing characteristics . based on soft - measuring theory and operating theory of the meter , soft - measuring model of coaxial line phase water cut meter has been set up with directly obtainable facts such as flux , temperature of oil and water mixture and salinity of formation water


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