medical factor中文什么意思

发音:   用"medical factor"造句
  • 《英汉医学词典》medical factor
  • 医学因素
  • medical:    adj. 1.医学的,医术的;医疗的 ...
  • medical a:    医学的;内科的
  • a factor:    抽象因素


  1. conclusion : when mothers and obstetricians make medical decisions, non-medical factors such as ethnicity may not directly influence the selection of delivery mode
  2. the quasi-actuarial approach is characterized by employer-based or individual purchase of private medical insurance, and by private ownership of medical factors of production
  3. other life style and medical factors such as smoking, having chronic obstructive airway diseases, gastrectomy, thyroid disease or on long-term corticosteroid treatment are also associated with osteoporosis
  4. may 2, 2007 ? the obesity surgery mortality risk score ( os-mrs ), a simple scoring system based on 5 medical factors, accurately predicts which patients being considered for gastric bypass surgery ( gbs ) for morbid obesity would be at highest risk for dying, according to the results of a multicenter study presented at the american surgical association annual meeting in colorado springs, colorado


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