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  1. Review of thermal energy storage with metal phase change materials
  2. Metal phase and phase rule
  3. It ' s well known that nano - materials have good ductility , and the composite powders have the better consistency properties . on the other hand , because the metal phase was evenly distributed , the ductility of the ceramic composites could be promoted further
    因此,本文的研究内容设定为用化学镀的方法在纳米级的al _ 2o _ 3陶瓷粉体上包覆金属铜,制备纳米的金属包覆型陶瓷复合粉体。
  4. Results show that the increase of semiconductor - metal phase transition temperature and the decrease extent of resistance is linear to zr ~ ( 4 + ) doping content , while the hysteresis width of vo _ 2 thin film fluctuates with zr ~ ( 4 + ) doping content
    实验结果表明:随zr含量的增加, vo _ 2薄膜的半导体-金属转变温度和电阻突变数量级呈线性下降,同时,随掺杂量的增加, vo _ 2薄膜的热滞宽度的变化规律是先减小后增大。
  5. The analytic results of the effects on the micromorphological structure of the film by the electrochemical condition ' s showed that the carbon is apt to improve the boundary combination between the scfs and the surface of the cathode and the seperation of the films , and that the micromorphological structure of the mpgcfs is greatly affected by the dring and the power voltage , which remarkably affluence ion move in swelling cathode film , and that higher temperature and concentration of cu2 + in the medium solution are also advanagable to the deposition of cu in scfs . the plot of deformation behavior of mpgcfs showed that the maximum strench ratio decreases and the brittleness increases due to the existence of the metal phase , and that the strengh trend of the composite films is fistly up and down followed with the content of metal phase because of the change of the role of the metal phase from acting as the physical cross - linking to weakening the films due to destroying the whole structure of the polymer
    另外它作为基体的另一个突出的优点是制备的溶胀复合膜( scf )中的溶剂与电解液中的溶剂相同都是水,克服了以前膜内外不同溶剂之间扩散的问题,结果使得电流最终趋于一种稳态,因此可以更好实现用电化学条件来控制mpgcf的形态结构;硬质石墨材料的多孔的结构和石墨本身的结构性能特点使得碳作为阴极材料时有利于溶涨复合膜( scf )与电极表面的结合以及膜的剥离,因此是作为阴极的理想材料;电化学条件中的干燥程度和电压能够明显的影响离子在膜内的迁移,从而对mpgcf的形态结构造成较大的影响;而提高反应温度和增大电解液中铜离子的浓度也有利于铜在膜中的沉积生长。


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