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  1. Studies on waterborne polyaniline microlatex and its coating for metal protection
  2. Designed by a surgeon and an engineer , not only can it maximally satisfy clinicians demands , but also benefit to environ metal protection via saving more disposal costs
  3. Once he engaged in the research work for more than 30 years on anti - corrosive material in chinese academy of science metal protection and the corrosion research institute , and was ever the director of material laboratory , and is now holding the post of director researcher of national metal corrosion control engineering technology research center , and obtaining in state - level invention award for phosphate fertilizer equipment material research
    曾在中国科学院金属防护与腐蚀研究所从事耐腐蚀材料的研究工作三十多年,曾任材料研究室主任,现任国家金属腐蚀控制工程技术研究中心主任研究员。在磷肥设备材料研究中获得到国家级发明奖,在化工设备耐腐蚀材料研究中, xd - 1耐腐蚀、耐高温材料获得到孙师伯奖, f518 、 f7 、 fs - 1硫酸用材料获得中科院重大科研成果二等奖。


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