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  • 集合种群
  • 种群


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  1. Theoretical basis for species conservation : from the theory of islandbiogeography to metapopulation dynamic theory
  2. Under proper conser ' . ation , the metapopulation of lilium tsingauense will not disappear in short term
  3. The population structure is typical metapopulation ( source - sink population ) with nine patches . the patch of west gully and shanwang - temple gully is the source population and the population in these patches is a dynamic process from extinction to reclonizition
  4. Most if not all species live in patchy habitats . this has become increasingly true because of landscape fragmentation throughout the world . the set of local ( patch ) populations of a species in spatially discrete habitats may be called a metapopulation
  5. The temporal and spatial dynamics of a single species metapopulation is modelled by a model . the stability of spatial distribution of the population and relationships between the stable patchy distribution and migration rates and finite rate of growth of subpopulations are also investigated . finally measures to boost the growth of total population are presented through the model and analysis of the model


    A metapopulation consists of a group of spatially separated populations of the same species which interact at some level. The term metapopulation was coined by Richard Levins in 1970 to describe a model of population dynamics of insect pests in agricultural fields, but the idea has been most broadly applied to species in naturally or artificially fragmented habitats.


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