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  1. Application of ofdm for meteor burst communications
  2. Establishment of real - time vessel tracking system for all large vessels - using automatic identification system ( ais ) coupled with inmarsat - c / or hf capability on vessels ( or other technology as appropriate such as meteor burst signal technology ) - and continuous tracking of all such vessels by us coast guard
  3. In this thesis , firstly , we put forward a new algorithm of the synchronization of carrier reference phase , that is to use the curve synthesizing with the general digital carrier phase looper to have an estimation on carrier frequency within 10 ms so as to meet the need of meteor burst communication . we have done some simulations to get the performance of carrier frequency estimation using two modulation modes ( 16qam and 4 - qpsk ) , and had some test on the carrier phase looper in conditions when using different baud rate transmission and when the baud tuning have windage
    我们对两种正交调制方式( 16qam和4 - qpsk )进行了模拟工作并给出了模拟结果,同时讨论了码元同步定时误差对锁相环路工作的影响并根据流星通信中使用变速率传输时锁相环路的载波同步性能进行了测试;然后在基于软件无线电思想的数字处理平台(该数字处理平台实现了中频数字化)上用dsp软件完成了载波的相位跟踪。


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