miss penalty中文什么意思

发音:   用"miss penalty"造句
  • 缺失损失
  • miss:    vt. 1.把(看准的东西)失去,让 ...
  • penalty:    n. 1.刑罚,惩罚。 2.罚款;违 ...
  • on penalty of:    否则受...处罚, 违则处以...刑 ...


  1. Not even the missed penalty kick by de rossi in the 81st minute prompted milan to try and find the equaliser , and that ' s something to reflect on
  2. " i get angrier when i waste a chance in a match . you score or miss penalties , it happens , though i ' m really very sorry about how it turned out .
    “比赛中如果我错过机会,我会非常懊恼。尽管罚进点球或射失点球都是常有的事,但如果真的罚丢,会很难过的。 ”
  3. This for me is the peak for this team , my generation , so there really can be no excuses for us this time ? no bad decision , no missed penalty , no poor performance
    对我来说这支球队是巅峰,我这一代人,所以这次我们没有借口? ?不会有糟糕的决定,不能再错失点球,不能再表现不佳。


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