mouth filling中文什么意思

发音:   用"mouth filling"造句
  • adj.
  • mouth:    n. (pl. mouths ) 1 ...
  • filling:    n. 1.装满,填装;填补。 2.填 ...
  • mouth-filling:    说大话的, 夸大的


  1. The palate is rich and mouth filling with exceptional length
  2. Then was our mouth filled with laughter , and our tongue with singing : then said they among the heathen , the lord hath done great things for them
  3. A childhood terror paralyzed me on the spot , and my mouth filled with a livid saliva , but i walked with my mother into the crowded space that once had been the pharmacy ' s laboratory , and had been outfitted as an emergency bedroom
  4. The four outstanding red grape varieties all grown in langhorne creek have been blended to provide us with a generous and well balanced wine showing lifted violet and spicy aromas , rich mouth filling dark fruits fruit , complementing soft well integrated tannins and a flavorsome savoury lingering finish
  5. Yet i was glad at first - she deserved punishing for pushing me : but when papa was gone , she made me come to the window and showed me her cheek cut on the inside , against her teeth , and her mouth filling with blood ; and then she gathered up the bits of the picture , and went and sat down with her face to the wall , and she has never spoken to me since : and i sometimes think she can t speak for pain


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