mtr tseung kwan o extension中文什么意思

发音:   用"mtr tseung kwan o extension"造句
  • 地下铁路将军澳支线
  • o:    int. 〔常用大写字母〕哦! 哟! ...
  • extension:    n. 1.伸长,伸展,延长,延伸,扩 ...
  • tseung kwan o (mtr):    澳站


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  1. Contractors claims on the mtr tseung kwan o extension project
  2. Mtr tseung kwan o extension
  3. As a continuously developing area , some important developments including the mtr tseung kwan o extension and a tv studio have already been housed
    I .在钻石山地铁站乘91号或91m号巴士于香港科技大学站下车即抵; ii
  4. Build three major railways : the west rail phase i , the mtr tseung kwan o extension and the ma on shan railway , at a cost of hk 110 billion
    耗资1 , 100亿元,兴建3条主要铁路:西铁第一期地下铁路将军澳支线和马鞍山铁路。
  5. We will seek authorisation for the mtr tseung kwan o extension in the coming weeks so that construction work can also begin on this project before the end of the year


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