mud shale中文什么意思

发音:   用"mud shale"造句
  • 泥页岩
  • mud:    n. 泥,泥浆;泥淖;没价值的东西; ...
  • shale:    n. 【矿物】页岩。 oil sha ...
  • shale laden mud:    泥基泥浆; 粘土过多的泥浆


  1. Wld is a high - temperature anti - sloughing agent , which contains si and organic compound ion . by applying it with polymer drilling fluid in the high - temperature deep well and the well section of heaving mud shale , it can improve the stability of drilling fluid dramatically . and at the same time , it can deactivate the drill cuttings and the wall surface active point to greatly improve the property of rejection and anti - sloughing of the drilling fluid through the physical - chemical action occurring between the special group of molecule vs . drill cuttings and the wall surface


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