multi objective中文什么意思

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  1. Multi objective flexible job - shop scheduling ( mofjs ) was studied , and equipment dispatch scheme was optimized
  2. The scheme scheduling of satellites is to generate the running plans and the imaging schemes for satellites with multi objective considered
  3. So the technique of multi objective optimization was introduced , and a path planning algorithm based on multi - objective genetic algorithm was proposed
  4. A method based on the fuzzy optimization pattern is presented for multi objective decision - making in hydropower development of multi - level valley , and an optimal size of index is transferred
  5. The paper run 10 kinds of to combine projects of the port may take place now or further , and get the port tugboat working characteristic values , for example , the waiting time of ships , the max long of ships team , then analysis the output of simulation by and do some performance evaluation , finally , so as to calculate the best project of marshaling for tugboat to run normally in port , this paper carry through fuzzy - optimization by the method of fuzzy - synthetic judge with multi objective
    针对港口拖轮目前和未来可能发生配置的10种组合方案进行仿真运行,得出不同拖轮配置方案下的港口拖轮运行的特征值(如船舶平均等待时间、船舶最大等待队长) ,然后利用批均值法对仿真输出结果进行仿真分析和性能评价,并利用多目标模糊综合评判方法对仿真运行结果进行了模糊评判,计算出能保证港口作业正常运作的最佳拖轮配置方案。


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