mutual right中文什么意思

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  • mutual:    adj. 1.相互的。 2.〔口语〕 ...
  • right:    adj. 1.右,右方的,右侧的,右 ...
  • mutual will:    相互遗嘱
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  1. These mutual right of inheritance strengthened the autonomy of the gens .
  2. She has had the mutual right of this building , want take out her name can agree through hers only
  3. We have already perused and agreed to accept all terms and clauses relevant to mutual rights and duties stipulated on the fcr
  4. Article 11 a railway transport contract shall be an agreement in which the mutual rights and obligations between the railway transport enterprise and the passenger ( s ) or shipper ( s ) are defined
  5. Fourth , carry on the basic principles such as integrating law over the whole country , steady pattern of managing system , self - governing by residents , etc . fifth , it is necessary to establish the basic rules of estate management law which may include establishment of mutual rights and obligations between the company and residents , and ascertain the procedure of disputes , etc . the rationalization of estate management as an important matter concerning the national economy and the people ' s livelihood can benefit the prosperity and stabilization of towns


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