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  1. Military transparency and mutual security confidence - a discussion with brendans mulvaney , li yihu , etc
  2. Without the constant fear and cycle of bitterness that terrorists spread with their violence , we will see then that old and serious disputes can be settled peacefully , within the bounds of reason , goodwill , and mutual security
  3. Along with the development of the market economy , the guarantee is applied extensively in the fincial , the listed companies cause much harm for chinese security industry . nowadays , there are serious problem in the security of listed companies . such as : the huge amount of listed companies security . the widespread listed companies related security , and the “ security chain ” and the “ security chain ” characterized in regious which are caused by the mutual security of listed companies
    据统计,这531家公司担保总额高达1250 . 88亿元,其中对外担保本期发生额和担保余额分别为151 . 84亿元和432 . 96亿元,对控股子公司担保本期发生额和担保余额为472 . 77和825 . 09亿元。


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