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  1. Protective function of n - acetylcysteine on acute liver injuries induced by dimethyl formamide
  2. Effect of n - acetylcysteine on ischemia reperfusion - induced cardiocyte apoptosis in diabetic rats
  3. Milk thistle has no major hepatotoxic effects , and n - acetylcysteine , an agent used to attenuate acetaminophen - mediated hepatotoxicity , is also unlikely to be a factor in his illness
    乳蓟无主要的肝毒性作用, n -乙酰半胱氨酸常用于中和对乙酰氨基酚引起的肝毒性作用,所以也不太可能是患者的致病因素。
  4. Inhibition of ros activity by catalase , n - acetylcysteine or diphenylene iodonium abrogated low k + - induced increases in the - subunit promoter activity , 1 - and 1 - subunit polypeptide abundance , and binding sites of na , k - atpase , indicating the role of ros in the effect of low k +
    抗氧化剂nac与catalase 、 dpi能抑制低钾的作用。提示ros产生与细胞膜nadph氧化酶有关。进一步研究表明, h2o2 ,而非超氧根离子参与了低钾对钠钾atp酶的调节。
  5. N - acetylcysteine is the acetylation of l - cysteine as the donor of sulfhydrylgruppe ( - sh ) , not only has the great antioxidation , but also supplies the reduced glutathione in the body efficiently , and pretects the cell not to be injuried . the preventive effective of n - acetylcysteine against acute lung injury has been supported by the animal experiment and clinic research
    N -乙酰半胱氨酸是l -半胱氨酸的乙酰化物,作为巯基的供体,不仅具有强大的抗氧化作用,还能有效补充机体内降低的还原型谷胱苷肽,保护细胞免受损伤,其对急性肺损伤的防治作用已获得动物实验和临床研究结果的支持。


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